Nicholas Christopher

How to (actually) enable dark mode on chromeOS

I've read a few tutorials on the subject, but none of them have been able to actually tell me how to enable dark mode on chromeOS. Here's what I've pieced together.

Switch to the beta channel

UPDATE: Some users can unlock dark mode without switching channels. It's worth checking if those flags exist - if not, follow these instructions first.

The option to enable dark mode is only available on the beta channel of chromeOS. I haven't had any issues with switching, but just know the beta channel is probably less stable than normal. Here's how to switch:

  • Open the Settings app on chromeOS.
  • Navigate to About Chrome OS, then click Additional details.
  • Click the Change channel button, then select Beta.

Your chromebook will begin downloading an update. When it's finished, it'll have you restart. Congratulations - you completed the hard part.

Unlocking dark mode

The dark mode option is locked behind a feature flag, so you'll have to enable it.

  • Open Chrome and navigate to chrome://flags, then search for "dark".
  • From the list, switch Dark/light mode of system UI and WebUI dark mode to enabled.
A screenshot showing the chrome://flags page, with the relevant flags enabled.
  • Restart your chromebook to apply the changes.

You're almost there!

Enabling it

Now that the option is available, you just have to switch it on!

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Navigate to Personalization, then click Dark mode.
  • Switch the option on!

There you have it, dark mode on chromeOS!

A screenshot showcasing the settings app & chrome in dark mode.